Leeds Gin

Leeds Gin - Premium gin hand crafted in small batches

A beautiful selection of gins brought to you from the heart of Yorkshire!

Core Range

London Dry

Traditional botanicals steeped with juniper, corriander, ginger and orange.

Apple & Blackberry

We take our Original Dry recipe and infuse crisp apple and handfuls of blackberries before distilling to produce a nicely balanced and clear gin.

Strawberry & Raspberry

We produce a mellow London dry recipe and then infuse with slices of organic strawberries and raspberries for two weeks to give a soft and fruity gin with heaps of flavour.

Limited Editions

Parma Violet

One of our more unusual creations, we’ve taken our classic Original Dry and infused it with bright sugared violets to bring through the sweet and memorable flavours of childhood.

Mulled Nordic Berries

Our twist on a London dry recipe, distilled with lingonberry, cloudberry, allspice and extra cinnamon to achieve a full bodied gin with wintery Nordic flavours which can be enjoyed all year round.